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Vintage African Bamana Chi Wara Antelope Headdress

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Rare vintage African wood sculpted "chi wara antelope ritual headdress". Hand-carved with a lot of attention to detail, a few different embellishments throughout to add character. Carries a calming and protective energy, incredible piece of African art to add to a special place in your home. An Art Collector's dream.

Modeled on the mythical heroic figure who was half antelope, half human and introduced agriculture to the Bamana. The headdress are used by the Chi Wara initiation society during agricultural dances and rituals to encourage and celebrate successful farmers. Bamako, Mali.

  • Origin Bamako Mali 
  • Bakset Dimensions: 8" diam x 3.5" height 
  • Dimensions: 25" x 12"
  • Wicker basket attached to wood sculpture 
  • Beads and Cowrie Shell Embellishments
  • Missing one red yarn earring embellishment 
  • Thin metal clamp around neck 
  • Etched tribal marks throughout sculpture